"The sooner that you can remind yourself of who you are, and the more often that you can remind yourself of who you are, the more confident you will be."

-Brandie Price, Founder of Confidently Company

The problem is, many of us don't know who we are.

And after the past several months, it's become even harder to remember that strong, beautiful, worthy woman that is living at the core of us. It's like she's been asleep and lost in the identity of whatever this "new normal" version of herself has become.

But if we are being totally honest here, she's needed a daily reminder for many years, pandemic aside.

If I would have tried to write this story out in advance, it would have all been edited by now, because nothing that we thought would happen, in the beginning, would actually come to pass. But we've gotten used to this "new normal" pivot and shift, haven't we?  A little too used to it.

What started as a spark of a dream, turned into a mission and a cause. You see, we wanted to make something for you that would help you remember who you are each and every day. 

Because, when we remind ourself of who we truly are, we become more confident. 

And when we are more confident in who we are and our abilities, we can change our world.

Can you imagine millions of women changing the world? I know I can.

A bracelet can be a simple daily reminder to keep fear, doubt, and imposter syndrome at bay. 

A reminder of who we truly are to our core, and a reminder of what we are becoming.

And throughout the process of the last several weeks of putting all of this together... I remembered who I was, and what I was doing pre pandemic, before all of the pivots and embraced identity shifts.

I want to take you back to July of 2019. I had just written a book and started with regular television appearances. 

One of my first topics was "Sending your daughter back to school with a positive body image."  It was originally supposed to be about back to school style segment, but when I called the producer with this idea the evening before, she jumped on it.

After that overwhelming response, I started planning a conference for women and girls.

A conference that would open up the conversation on body image and facial relation in a safe and supportive environment. 

We are now in a place to begin planning this in-person conference for Summer 2022. 

And we could not be more excited.











But the story didn't stop there...

Word of this conference and the mission of Confidently Company spread quickly, and within 2 weeks we had the honor of 6 women linking arms to make bracelets, so that each of you would have a reminder. 

We want you to know that the ladies making your bracelets require homebound work environments. Whether recovering from an eating disorder, living with Complex Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder, having severe allergies... there are many women that need to have the comfort of home to be able to work. 

We want to honor these women by offering jobs that work for them. Jobs that can help them feel Strong, Beautiful, and Worthy.


Confidently, Faith, Journey

This set is perfect for the woman that needs to remember that faith is greater than fear.

This is for the woman that needs to remember that each footstep is significant in realizing her purpose,  not just the one's that are instagram worthy.


Bracelet Stack Option


Strong, Beautiful, Worthy

The worthy stack is for the woman who tends to forget just how amazing she is. 

She's been through a lot .  But her trials no longer define her. She is the woman that everyone loves to be with, looks up to, and cherishes. 

Even she needs a reminder.


Bracelet Stack Option

Confidently Small Group Curriculum 

Coming in February 2022

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