4 High Humidity Makeup Tips from Award Winning Celebrity Makeup Artist, Brandie Price

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As the temps heat up here in Indianapolis, we are once again playing the battle of the sweaty eyelid.  Though many of us transitioned to more makeup free days through our first few months of quarantine, we still want to have a reliable makeup routine that sticks!  Here is a peek at my most recommended products in this season of high humidity, and a few of the products that have worked well for me!

Concern #1- The Sweaty Eyelid

You've just left one of your first social distancing encounter, and looked in the mirror of your car, only to notice that you have a glorious sweaty eyelid crease... You've got to ask yourself....was 6 feet of distance enough to ensure your friends didn't see this mishap?  Ugh!  We have all been there!

Solution-  For years, I have recommended using eye primer, even on days that you do not wish to use eye shadow.  This adds a layer between your skin and the environmental elements that come into contact with your most sensitive area of skin. Over the years, cosmetic companies like Nars, Urban Decay, Tarte, and Smashbox have developed tinted primers.  This helps you add a touch of color without adding the extra weight of a powder product.  I recommend this one pretty frequently, and it is on sale for $3.00 at Sephora right now!

Concern #2 - Alice Cooper Eyes

We tend to rely heavily on waterproof mascaras in the summer for pool days, but why do even waterproof formulas tend to smudge in high humidity?  The answer is a little gross, but I will do my best to clean it up.  Waterproof mascara is simple that, water proof.... So if there was only water in our sweat, we would be fine. Sweat is comprised of salt, toxins, and excretions of consumed products like food. What is funny to note is that some cosmetic companies actually use this knowledge in formulating makeup removal products. Food grade items are less expensive and more effective at makeup removal in small quantities and can have less tendency for an allergic response.  

Solution- Look for Smudge Proof or Smudge Resistant Mascaras.  Smudge is the industry jargon that you need to know for humidity resistant products. Marc Jacobs makes a great smudge proof mascara.  I also love the included story behind this product.  Check out how Marc's mother got perfect eyelashes at that link!

Concern #3 - Cake Face

It's only lunch time, and you just caught a glimpse of yourself while unpacking your 6 year old's stainless steel lunch box.  No matter how much you tried to blend, the layers of powder have started finding their way into your laugh lines. You start to question if you really even smiled that much to have created the deep chasm that now exists. "Why, oh why, did I have to sing the entire Trolls World Tour Soundtrack on the way to the playground?!?"

Solution- Ditch the heavy foundation.....and the powder by using one of these CC creams.  Artistry Ideal Radiance 50SPF Brightening CC Cream or It Cosmetics 50SPF Full Coverage Antiaging CC+ I honestly rotate between the 2 for off-camera days.  What is similar about each of these products: They are both toted as being "self-setting" meaning that they may not require a setting powder to keep them in place. No Powder = No Crease, as long as you are not using too much foundation. They both also include SPF50 which is critical for sunprotection, as well as key ingredients for targeted concerns.  The Artistry formula has a brightening complex, which is incredible for evening out skin tone.  The It Cosmetics formula has anti aging ingredients that help combat fine lines.  Now, let's talk coverage.  Artistry has a sheer, but buildable coverage. It Cosmetics is considered a full coverage foundation.  Keep in mind that the viscosity of the Artistry formula is much lighter than the It Cosmetics, because of the coverage level.  This can help you choose based upon your skin's individual response to humidity.

Concern #4 - Overall Complexion

The key to wearing less makeup is found in your skin care routine not your makeup.  If you have been hiding under heavier makeup, it is time to get really honest with yourself about your underlying skin concerns.  Why do you feel the need to cover up?  Focus on that point for a moment.  

Solution- Make a list of your true skin concerns and find a 4 step regimen that can help you put your best face forward!  A 4 step regimen consists of a Cleanser, Toner, Treatment Product, and a Moisturizer.  Pick a regimen that works well with your budget and ability to tackle your top concerns.  I have been a self proclaimed skin care junkie for a very long time, and I just went through this process a little over a week ago.  I get compliments on my skin all the time, but that is because I have been taking really great care of it.  I STILL HAVE CONCERNS!  I will be turning 40 in a few months, and decided to get really honest with myself, instead of relying on  the compliments of others.  I decided to swap some of my products based on the concerns that I have in this season....The fear of looking like a Dalmatian puppy on my 40th birthday.  When you have skin concerns and rosacea it's hard to make a switch. After quite a bit of research, I decided to stick with the same skin care company, but try a line that I didn't have much personal experience with. Side note: Did you know that I have played an active role in premarket testing for nearly 30 skincare and cosmetic brands?!!  I have also had the opportunity to be an educator for one of the largest and most recognized brands.  Anyway, I ended up switching to the Ideal Radiance Line by Artistry.  I will be sharing a review of this product line in a later post. Back to YOU!   What is your top concern right now?  Feel free to send me a message if you'd like a great recommendation!


*disclaimer-Some links are affiliate links, where I may make a small commission should you purchase.  My family is grateful for you regardless of how you choose to purchase!


Photo by Liz Weddon on Unsplash


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