All About the Confidently Bracelets

How To Plan Outfits For Family Pictures

How to Plan Outfits for Family Pictures

My favorite thing about Fall style is texture. Give me an oversized chunky fisherman's knit sweater, and I am in total bliss. I love walking into Madewell or Anthropologie and seeing all of the stacks of glory in the form of cable knits and eyelash softness. If you need me, I'll be in the dressing room breathing in the soft Volcano scent while determining just how oversized I want my new favorite sweater to fit in our Fall Mini Sesh with Shutter Up Buttercup Indy.

If you are in the Indy area and haven't met this best friend photog duo yet, I think it is time!  Donna has been our resident mom photographer for candid moments of our daughter and her school besties for years. Jess has an eye for color that she has used in home design that transfers beautifully to photography. Together, they can help you plan the perfect family photo experience.

But for those of you that may not have access to a skilled team, I don't want to leave you...

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Why Current Trends Don't Always Work For You

I was watching clips of New York Fashion Week, and experienced a sickening in my stomach.  What my eyes kept seeing, I could not hide from.  It was a twinge of pain followed by a heavy sigh.  Shoulder Pads.  

In all fairness, I knew that they would be coming back, as styles tend to do.  But shoulder pads??  Now??  The figurative cherry on top of all of the other flavors of dread that have piled into this ice cream Sunday we call 2020, is, of course, shoulder pads.  

Now, personally, I already know to my core that shoulder pads are a bad option for my athletic build. But this feeling of dread was not due to visions of me cutting shoulder pads out of my own clothes.  Nope, I know better.  

The feeling was a cumulation of more than 2 decades of consulting experience with clients.  I have to stay ahead of the trends for my clients, they are on television, and many people see them.  And just like every other trend that flies in...

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LIVE event with Brandie Price

Makeup for Communicative Value

Friday, May 21st at 2pm EDT


This is the premier, no holds back LIVE makeup training to make sure that your makeup not only looks good, but also ensures you are truly connecting with your audience.