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How To Use Color To Boost Your Mood or Brand

The Science of Color and Emotional Response

There you are driving down a busy street when you see it. Your favorite fast food restaurant is gleaming brightly with the lights on, and you start to feel that urge to cut off the person beside you and pull over into the parking lot. The only thing on your mind is a large fry and a root beer, when just 3 minutes ago, you were gleefully on your way to see your grandparents.  (Side Note- The fries will not make it to them so don't get extra.)

We know that fast food restaurants choose their color palettes solely to initiate an emotional response or feeling. If you weren't privy to this knowledge, consider how many different main color palettes there are for fast food chains.

2-----There are only 2 dominant color palettes for fast food chains in the US.

Red and Yellow, or Blue and White.  Sure there are a few out layers, but I would assert that they have a different branding message. Taco Bell has been an out layer for years,...

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