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4 High Humidity Makeup Tips from Award Winning Celebrity Makeup Artist, Brandie Price

As the temps heat up here in Indianapolis, we are once again playing the battle of the sweaty eyelid.  Though many of us transitioned to more makeup free days through our first few months of quarantine, we still want to have a reliable makeup routine that sticks!  Here is a peek at my most recommended products in this season of high humidity, and a few of the products that have worked well for me!

Concern #1- The Sweaty Eyelid

You've just left one of your first social distancing encounter, and looked in the mirror of your car, only to notice that you have a glorious sweaty eyelid crease... You've got to ask yourself....was 6 feet of distance enough to ensure your friends didn't see this mishap?  Ugh!  We have all been there!

Solution-  For years, I have recommended using eye primer, even on days that you do not wish to use eye shadow.  This adds a layer between your skin and the environmental elements that come into contact with your most sensitive...

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