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3 Lessons We Can Learn From Daisy's Water Rescue

Crisp blue saturated the sky and warmed my legs as the mid day sun was coming to a peek. I had just turned my chair to face the water when Daisy had decided to leave her sandcastle building to splash around in the man made beach we had visited with friends that day.  I saw that Daisy wanted to get on a little raft with a few of her friends, and the raft started to drift further out.  This water was not deep, and she had not had any issues with touching the bottom, and I was confident in her years of swimming lessons...but I still kept an eye on her.

Within a minute of drifting out the small raft tipped off kilter and she was in the water with 3 of her friends. Though her friends were standing with plenty of head room above the water, Daisy was treading water and scared because she could not touch.

I jumped up and ran into the water and yelled "She can't touch!  She can't touch!"  When I saw that her friends could not hear me over their own splashing.  I...

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Letters To My Daughter - Hope

To My Daughter,

I want to show you that I have hope, because I want you to know what it is like to have hope amidst darkness.

I want to show you that it is okay to be hopeful, and that being hopeful nearly always results in a positive outcome.  I want to show you how to hope so that you will naturally have hope as your default mode of operation, instead of worry. The past few weeks we have been in a happy little bubble of hope, and it is my goal that you will be able to look back on this time as an adult, and remember that hope, peace, faith and love were at the center of this experience. We aren’t keeping you 100% completely sheltered, you know that things are quite a bit different in our lives right now. You know that there is a virus, and we have encouraged you to ask questions. We encourage your questions, because we know that this is hard to process as an adult, and even harder to process as a 6 year old, whose life has changed so much in the past 13 days.


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LIVE event with Brandie Price

Makeup for Communicative Value

Friday, May 21st at 2pm EDT


This is the premier, no holds back LIVE makeup training to make sure that your makeup not only looks good, but also ensures you are truly connecting with your audience.