All About the Confidently Bracelets

4 Wardrobe Hacks for the Stylish Homeschooler

I feel you. 

You want to break free from yoga pants and a tee and just get all dolled up for the afternoon. The warm sun basking on your face as the crisp Fall breeze passing by envelopes you. With homemade slime in your hair and yesterday’s paint project still embedded into your nails, you quickly snap back into reality.

Stopping to ask the question, ”Is this really what homeschooling is all about?”  I mean, I get it.  Pinterest has made a hard sell of freedom and glamour of what homeschooling and virtual in-home school is supposed to look like. But we aren’t pros at this….For so many of us, this is our first try.

And. It. Is. Hard. 

Taking on the education of our children, while navigating social protocols is enough to make us want to stay in pajamas all day long. 

But I’ve been listening.  You want to feel more like yourself in this season. You don’t want to lose yourself in the daily grind of Zoom,...

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How to Choose the Perfect Winter Coat for your Holiday Events

So you have all of your holiday attire ready for the events on your calendar, but how on earth will you be able to stay warm without ruining the overall look of your ensemble?  You want to make an entrance, and be able to greet friends, family and coworkers in confidence, but how do you know which style to pick?

General Coat Fitting - Focus on Torso Length

Coat lengths are really the best place to start, because we want to make sure that the overall visual impact makes sense.  Coat lengths are best determined by your own personal torso.  

If you have a shorter torso, rely on a shorter coat.  

A longer torso can be best flattered by a longer coat.  

If you are unsure how your torso measures up, consider these two points: 

1) How do you like your jeans to fit? If you prefer a high rise jean, chances are you have a longer torso.  The preference for a mid rise jean means that you have an average torso so choosing a hit length jacket will best suit your...

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How to Choose a Fall Hat

Back on Indy Style!

I had the opportunity to share my favorite accessory on Indy Style yesterday morning. I want to personally thank everyone who voted on the next segment that you would like to see! Between all of the polls that were tallying, Fall Hats was by far the winner! We also were able to schedule the runner up for mid-November. I will make sure to keep all of you posted when the date is confirmed.

I always have a good time on the set of Indy Style. I think that if you were contemplating using television as a means to promote your business, and you are in the Indianapolis area, this would be your best option…hands down. From the hosts to the production team and just how incredibly smooth and at home the whole experience is, you are sure to be at ease on set. Indy Style is truly a first class run production operation. I usually share a little behind the scenes look through my Instagram stories. If you’d like to see some live action shots of the guests relaxing...

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LIVE event with Brandie Price

Makeup for Communicative Value

Friday, May 21st at 2pm EDT


This is the premier, no holds back LIVE makeup training to make sure that your makeup not only looks good, but also ensures you are truly connecting with your audience.