All About the Confidently Bracelets

My Word for 2020

Have you ever chosen a word for the year?

Maybe you have heard friends talk about a word that they have chosen for the year and wondered, “How on earth do you pick one single word, much less set focus on that word FOR AN ENTIRE YEAR??!” Maybe you are a seasoned “Word of the Year” user?

I know I felt the same way all of the years leading up to 2019. I would hear friends and family members proclaim their words on New Year’s Eve via social media. I see clients set up acrylic letters on their desks with words like “intention” or “write” and I always felt a little confused by the words that they chose, and even more confused at how they chose that word all together.

Last year, through the miracles of Instagram, I stumbled upon a goal planner. I say stumbled, but if you know how passionate I am about paper planners you know the truth is that I was most likely looking for something that would fill the need that I had on hand. I had just...

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