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Am I Living With Poor Facial Relation?

Am I Living With Poor Facial Relation?

I want to applaud you for taking the first step and meeting me here. I know that so many of you saw yourselves in my own story that I shared last week. I also know that there are many more individuals that desperately want to feel a sense of relief about the relationship they have with their face. I am not exaggerating when I say that I have physically felt pain when told by a client that they hate their face. HATE. That is such a strong and powerful word, and yet I know that it has been filtered through before it has even been shared with me. They thought this through time and time again before they dared to share it out loud in an appointment. It was probably rehearsed while driving in the car on the way to see me. “If I could just tell her how much I hate my face and the way I look, maybe she would understand and could help me?” You may be living that same scenario right now. For me, living with poor Facial Relation was not an...

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Let's Take a Time Out


Let’s take a time out all ready.  Who needs a time out?  We all do.  We need a time out from body and facial negative words. We need a time out from that voice inside that tells us that we aren’t good enough in some way, shape or form because of how we look. We need a time out, but how do we get one?

This process, the one to becoming more body positive is not an easy one when you are standing at the foot of the mountain peering up into the clouds to see the snow capped top.  We weren’t taught these things, and even if we were taught them as children how much of a push from society would it have taken to roll right back down that mountain side?  How old are you now?  Chances are that it took you precisely that long to get you to exactly where you are right now. No matter your age, or your journey it will not take as long to be at a place where these items no longer vex you. So where are you on your journey with body image and...

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LIVE event with Brandie Price

Makeup for Communicative Value

Friday, May 21st at 2pm EDT


This is the premier, no holds back LIVE makeup training to make sure that your makeup not only looks good, but also ensures you are truly connecting with your audience.