All About the Confidently Bracelets

Getting Started with Personal Branding


So, I understand that you are looking to create your own personal brand, and you would like to know where to start? If you are thinking’ “The 10/30 intrigues me, but I need a little more one-on-one guidance, “ then this series is for you. Personal Branding is so much more than the clothes that we wear, the makeup techniques that we use, and the hairstyle that we choose. A Personal Brand involves all of us. How we choose to invest in our wardrobe, the thought process behind our decision making, the fluctuation of confidence as we go about our days, how we truly feel about ourselves are all a part of our personal brand.

Getting started with personal branding is a new monthly series that will be broken down in to bite size pieces for all of you wanting to create a sustainable, life time personal brand.  There are no quick, overnight solutions when building something significant, something stable, something impactful.  

For this series, I want you to...

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Makeup for Communicative Value

Friday, May 21st at 2pm EDT


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