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5 Ways to Tell if You are Ready for a Clothing Rental Subscription

4 Ways to Tell if You are Ready for a Clothing Rental Subscription

Clothing rental companies have done nothing but grow over the past year. With all of the buzz and sponsored ads showing up in your news feeds, it can be easy to get inspired by all of the gorgeous fashion that is available right at your finger tips.  Let’s face it, even in a global pandemic, ladies still want to look and feel their best, even if the main event is the Wednesday afternoon team Zoom call for work. 

But how do you know if you are truly ready to take the plunge into the world of clothing rentals? I have been recommending clothing rentals to clients for at least a decade, and here are the top 4 reasons and some leaving thoughts to help you decide if clothing rentals will help you get your fashion fix.


  1. Convenience and Style are both important to you. You desire to find your own style, but don’t have the necessary time it takes to invest in all of the shopping it takes to get...
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2021 Celebrity Style Capsule Wardrobe at Evereve


Starting the New Year off with a Capsule Wardrobe

New Year resolutions are starting to roll in. It is no surprise that at the top of the list this year is decluttering. This seems like a standing resolution, but after spending a significant amount of time at home this year, we have all become more aware of all of the “extra” we have in our lives. We have also gone through a significant shift in our daily style needs and expectations. With lounge sets on the rise, and softer fabrics becoming more of a staple, we have really paved the way for a fresh look at our own personal style. I want you to know, that it is ok to embrace that shift in style and move forward with a more streamlined approach to wardrobing.

The 10/30 Capsule Wardrobe is my Signature Capsule Wardrobe. Simplistically, the 10/30 means 10 items of clothing that make at least 30 outfits. This all began in 1998, when I started creating travel wardrobes for celebrities. Something light to travel with, but would...

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Letters to My Daughter - Celebrate

To My Daughter,


I want to show you a spirit of celebration, and to show you that I need to harness the spirit of celebrating myself.

Sweet Girl, I want you to know that celebrating is not just reserved for birthdays and holidays. In fact, every day that we wake up is cause for a celebration in and of its self.

To show you this, I must be careful in my actions. I don't want you to see me working hard, all of the time with no pause for celebration of accomplishments. Personally, I know that this has been a hard area to model a best practice behavior. Over the past year, you have seen me jump from one task to another seamlessly for months on end. Yes the to-do lists get done, but with each accomplishment, we have taken little time to celebrate.

I want you to know how to live free from the incesent need to accomplish. I want you to know that my love for you, is not based in your accomplishments. To show you that, I need to slow down and recognize my own faults in this area...

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Pro Tips to Jumpstart Your Winter Skin Care Routine

It is so easy to get wrapped up in all of the to-do's this time of year that taking care of ourselves can sometimes take a back seat to all of the pressing to-do's. This holiday season will undoubtedly be a little more stressful than usual, but let's make sure that stress doesn't result in too much undue stress on our largest organ!

Protecting our skin during the winter months can seem like a daunting and never ending cycle...But that's really only an issue if we don't get a head start when the temps begin to cool.  Well friends, we are there! 

To help give you a jump start on heading off the Winter Skin Blues we are going to help you protect your skin’s hydration and natural moisture barriers with a few products and a few of my favorite pro tips today.


Pro Tip 01 - Hydrate Your Whole Body 

This seems easy, but can be easily forgotten. Maintaining hydrated skin really begins from within. In short, if you aren't drinking at least half...

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How To Use Color To Boost Your Mood or Brand

The Science of Color and Emotional Response

There you are driving down a busy street when you see it. Your favorite fast food restaurant is gleaming brightly with the lights on, and you start to feel that urge to cut off the person beside you and pull over into the parking lot. The only thing on your mind is a large fry and a root beer, when just 3 minutes ago, you were gleefully on your way to see your grandparents.  (Side Note- The fries will not make it to them so don't get extra.)

We know that fast food restaurants choose their color palettes solely to initiate an emotional response or feeling. If you weren't privy to this knowledge, consider how many different main color palettes there are for fast food chains.

2-----There are only 2 dominant color palettes for fast food chains in the US.

Red and Yellow, or Blue and White.  Sure there are a few out layers, but I would assert that they have a different branding message. Taco Bell has been an out layer for years,...

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10 Last Minute Costume Ideas for Halloween 2020 COVID


Last Minute Halloween Mask Conscious Ideas 

I get it, you have been running around trying to get everything else done this year that you forgot about your own costume for this year’s Halloween festivities. Well- We’ve got you covered on inspiration just in the nick of time.


The Mummy

The Mummy can be easily achieved with the tools in your First Aid kit.  All you need are Ace bandages….or you could even use a few rolls of toilet paper if you are in a bind.  The key is to wrap them over base layers so that you stay covered and toasty warm.  Your kids will have a blast wrapping you from head to toe!


The Ninja

Black mask-Black hoody- DONE!


The Geisha

It’s been a few years since Black Swan was released, but this is still a beautiful option for those of you who love makeup and feeling feminine. 


The High Fashion Print Model

This look can be achieved with a cowl or turtleneck. You may even have a nice dress...

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Pro Tips for DIY Halloween Makeup

It's been a little while since I've been able to embrace the full Halloween makeup scene in Las Vegas.
If you love Halloween, but have never experienced the holiday in Vegas, you should give it a try. All of the costumes and body paint, along with all day performances on the strip are a sight that you won't soon forget.
But what about this year? I am not going to lie, 2020 is different, especially when it comes to having your makeup professionally done. I have put together my Top Pro Tips for getting the best DIY application at home this year. That way you can still stand out at the neighborhood festivities!
Step 1- Your skin will need to be properly nourished before you start applying makeup. I recommend Olay Regenerist Ultra Rich Moisturizer. This rich creme promotes cell turnover and strengthens your skin’s natural moisture barrier. What this means for your Halloween makeup application is key. This will create the proper environment...
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How To Plan Outfits For Family Pictures

How to Plan Outfits for Family Pictures

My favorite thing about Fall style is texture. Give me an oversized chunky fisherman's knit sweater, and I am in total bliss. I love walking into Madewell or Anthropologie and seeing all of the stacks of glory in the form of cable knits and eyelash softness. If you need me, I'll be in the dressing room breathing in the soft Volcano scent while determining just how oversized I want my new favorite sweater to fit in our Fall Mini Sesh with Shutter Up Buttercup Indy.

If you are in the Indy area and haven't met this best friend photog duo yet, I think it is time!  Donna has been our resident mom photographer for candid moments of our daughter and her school besties for years. Jess has an eye for color that she has used in home design that transfers beautifully to photography. Together, they can help you plan the perfect family photo experience.

But for those of you that may not have access to a skilled team, I don't want to leave you...

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Riding Boots, Ankle Boots, and the Low Cut Ankle Boot: What they are and why you need them!

Riding Boots, Ankle Boots, and the Low Cut Ankle Boot: What they are and why you need them!

With so many beautiful footwear options available it can be hard to narrow down the right style to update your wardrobe this fall.  While all three of these styles can complete a look, it is important to know which is the best strategic option to add value to your style.  I’ve taken taken the guesswork out of your shopping experience by compiling proportion information and a few tricks I’ve learned over the years.


The  Riding Boots

This style has been completing outfits for decades.  The Riding Boot has a shaft that hits at mid calf to just below the knee and has a way of leveling up any outfit that she is placed with.  The Riding Boot works best worn over skinny jeans or with the book ended extremes of skirt length.  Mini dresses and Maxi dresses both love a good classic boot and this will keep your proportions in an ideal perspective. If you...

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4 Wardrobe Hacks for the Stylish Homeschooler

I feel you. 

You want to break free from yoga pants and a tee and just get all dolled up for the afternoon. The warm sun basking on your face as the crisp Fall breeze passing by envelopes you. With homemade slime in your hair and yesterday’s paint project still embedded into your nails, you quickly snap back into reality.

Stopping to ask the question, ”Is this really what homeschooling is all about?”  I mean, I get it.  Pinterest has made a hard sell of freedom and glamour of what homeschooling and virtual in-home school is supposed to look like. But we aren’t pros at this….For so many of us, this is our first try.

And. It. Is. Hard. 

Taking on the education of our children, while navigating social protocols is enough to make us want to stay in pajamas all day long. 

But I’ve been listening.  You want to feel more like yourself in this season. You don’t want to lose yourself in the daily grind of Zoom,...

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