5 Ways to Tell if You are Ready for a Clothing Rental Subscription

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4 Ways to Tell if You are Ready for a Clothing Rental Subscription

Clothing rental companies have done nothing but grow over the past year. With all of the buzz and sponsored ads showing up in your news feeds, it can be easy to get inspired by all of the gorgeous fashion that is available right at your finger tips.  Let’s face it, even in a global pandemic, ladies still want to look and feel their best, even if the main event is the Wednesday afternoon team Zoom call for work. 

But how do you know if you are truly ready to take the plunge into the world of clothing rentals? I have been recommending clothing rentals to clients for at least a decade, and here are the top 4 reasons and some leaving thoughts to help you decide if clothing rentals will help you get your fashion fix.


  1. Convenience and Style are both important to you. You desire to find your own style, but don’t have the necessary time it takes to invest in all of the shopping it takes to get there. You want to try a variety of different looks, without making the full investment up front.
  2. Your weight is changing week by week during this season of life, and you still want to feel and look amazing, but not break the bank on weight or size increments. You know where you are going on your journey and won’t need all the extra clothes when you reach your goal, or have that sweet baby!
  3. You are spending quite a bit of your hard earned money on the continual wardrobe freshen ups, but feeling like you always need a little something more.  It’s not about fast fashion to you, but you do like to keep your wardrobe as updated as your mani-pedi. Clothing rentals give you the flexibility to do just that. A little something more!
  4. You like the idea of being able to have access to style that isn’t quite a part of your budget right now. Some of the rental companies start at around $49 and go up from there. This is a really enticing way to have access to clothing that you otherwise could only dream of wearing, but still maintain your budget!
  5. You have frequent events or video production that requires you to have clothing outside of your normal everyday wear. This is a great way to capitalize on fresh new looks for each week of your weekly content strategy!

Here are a few other leaving thoughts to consider.

Many clothing rental companies have the opportunity to press pause on the subscription without cancelling it. This is a great feature for women who are expecting a new baby. Simply pause the subscription during those first few weeks, when you will be living in pajamas, and pick it back up once you are cleared by your doctor!

Clothing rentals still require an investment. Yes it may be less expensive, but you may also find yourself purchasing many of the items that you have tried! Your overall clothing budget for the year is a great place to start when considering starting with a rental service. On that note, if you are looking to add some great staples to your existing wardrobe, utilizing the styling services of a rental could be a great option!

You don’t have to pay the dry cleaning bill, or clean the clothing yourself. Simply send it back, and get a fresh new set of styles in the mail the following week!

Brandie Price is an On-Camera Image Expert and Award Winning Celebrity Makeup Artist

You can find out more at or follow along on Instagram @brandiepriceimage


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