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Top 5 Beauty Products for Fall from Award Winning Celebrity Makeup Artist

Getting your Skin Care and Makeup Routine on Point for Fall can be easy with these Top 5 Beauty Product for Fall. By focusing on products that will give you the long term benefits that you desire, you will save both time and money. Each of these products has multiple benefits and together pack a powerful beauty punch!

  1. Olay Regenerist Microsculpting Cream Face Moisturizer-Not only does this formula target 4 major skin concerns. Fine lines, dryness, uneven skin tone, and visible pores while delivering immediate and long lasting hydration. B3 works to generate fresh surface skin cells strengthening the skin’s natural moisture barrier while the Hyaluronic Acid and glycerine plump and hydrate the skin.  Available at Walmart and for under $30 AND for the month of September, Olay has a special edition camouflage-print jar version of its Micro-SculptingCream and will donate $250 for every camo jar sold on to SWAN Service Women’s Action Network...
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Heal Cracked Hands With This Easy Overnight Treatment

Today we are talking about those rough chapped hands that many of us are experiencing right now.

Even if you were an avid hand washer leading into this current season of life, chances are that you are washing your hands even more frequently than before.  All of this hand washing is great to rid ourselves of potentially harmful germs, but the downside is the loss of moisture.  When our skin starts to lose that much needed moisture to stay healthy, it starts to breaks down.  This is when we start to experience roughness that can quickly snowball into cracks and breaks within the skin.  So how do we take care of our skin, once it has started to breakdown?

The first idea that many have, is to not wash our hands as frequently, and I can honestly not recommend that as an option right now.  Keep washing your hands, as frequently as you need to during the day.  We are going to focus on the best time to heal our skin, which is overnight.  Our cellular...

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Why MakeuplessMonday?

Why Makeupless Monday?

This question keeps coming up across the community, and I love it! 

So why did you create #makeuplessmonday?  

I had to think about it for a while, because for so many years I have been sharing this thought process privately with clients.  I had only really recently thought about going beyond my inner circle and clients since Fall of last year.  Have you ever thought,  “If only I could __________, then that might help other people that I will never have the chance to meet?”  I’ve been thinking a lot about that lately.  Maybe you see something that you feel needs to be addressed, but you aren’t quite sure that what you have to say will make an impact. Maybe your heart will just end up out there in the vast abyss of knowledge that is available?  The first #makeuplessmonday video that I shared was just 9 weeks ago, and my honest intention with the first post was the accumulated passion of years with...

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LIVE event with Brandie Price

Makeup for Communicative Value

Friday, May 21st at 2pm EDT


This is the premier, no holds back LIVE makeup training to make sure that your makeup not only looks good, but also ensures you are truly connecting with your audience.