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Helping Your Child Process Emotions Through Journaling

Today we are looking at how we can help our children start journaling.  Journaling is a great way to process all of those emotions and feelings that we are experiencing this Global Pandemic.  It is also a great way to capture those wonderful moments that we want to remember.  my two most favorite journals that Daisy and I use together are The Loom Journal and the Write The Word Journal, both of which are guided.   Pick something that is age appropriate and that has guided subject matter that your child is interested in.

Tips to help get your child started:

  1. Remember that it doesn't have to be perfect!  That goes for you too!  Make a mess, draw pictures, scribble!  All of these help to put our emotions out on the paper so we can start to process.  Many of the younger children will use pictures or inventive spelling to show what they are thinking about.
  2. Make journaling a habit.  This could be a weekly habit, or a...
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