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Small Steps that Heal Facial Relation

Small Steps that Heal Facial Relation

Thank you for coming back!  I know that last week’s message was on the heavy hitting side, and I am proud of you for starting the journey to healing. I know that many of you saw yourself inside the identifier questions.  Now that you have had a week to think about your initial responses, how do you feel? Do you think that you may have been a little too hard on yourself?  Do you still find that you are too imperfect? That you are too uneven? That you are too *Fill In The Blank*?

I can imagine that you want a solution that will heal you overnight. I know that I did, and I wish I had that to offer you. I can tell you that there is no overnight, painless solution. What I can say is that this is a process, and that the pain you initially feel will go away. Healing poor facial relation will never be as painful as the disconnect that caused your poor facial relation. Learning how to see our own worth while being bombarded by...

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