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Letters To My Daughter - Grace

To My Daughter,

I want you to catch me deliberately showing myself grace, so that you know that it is ok and truly fruitful to show yourself grace.

It wasn't till we were in the midst of the 7th week of shutdown in a global pandemic, that I realized what level of grace I needed to model so that you could start to give yourself grace.  We show some level of grace to ourselves on a regular basis, but in the unhurried still that has become our new rhythm of life, our opportunity for grace that we can show ourselves is boundless.  I want to show you that I am willing to give myself grace for letting go of that hurried, and dominant level of expectations for myself.  

I want to show her so badly that I am capable of showing myself grace, because I know that she will need this self-awareness to harness what is truly good in her own life.  To reset my core values, and to give myself a lighter burden. It is only in this way that she will...

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Journaling in This Season

Wether you are new to journaling or an experienced writer this is an activity that can help you organize your thoughts and feelings right now.  If you are like me, and have several new responsibilities that have found their way to your plate, journaling can help you sort everything out.  If you notice that you are feeling a little bit of overwhelm in this season download our free resource Overcoming Overwhelm. In this series, I share with you the same tools that were given to me years ago when overcoming the overwhelm that came alongside my Post Traumatic Stress Disorder diagnoses.  These tools have given me back my life, and I want you to be able to become free from overwhelm too!  Double Bonus: By downloading this series you will automatically be in the running to win one of the planners or journals that Brandie Price Image is giving away!!


Here are a few tips to help you get started:

  1. Choose a Journal.  You can purchase a special...
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3 Steps to Remove a Gel Manicure in 20 minutes

3 Steps to Remove a Gel Manicure in 20 Minutes

With quarantine in effect, it has been a few weeks since any of us has been able to get to a nail salon.  If you were like me, and using gel manicures you know that they can be a pain to remove at the salon let alone trying to tackle it at home.   I have had to use this 3 step method several times in the past when I haven't had time to make it to the salon, and it works wonders!

First here are the items that you will need-

  • A Nail File
  • Cotton Pads or Cotton Balls (I've used paper towel in a pinch)
  • Aluminum Foil cut into 4" x 4" sections
  • Nail Polish Remover
  • A cuticle scraper or the blunt end of a set of tweezers

This is a pretty quick at home removal, so keep in mind that you can remove one hand full of polish at a time, if you need to have access to one of your hands for another activity.  Here are the steps:

  1. File the face of each of your nails to break through the shiny top coat of polish.  Make sure to get around...
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5 Ways to Make Your Easter Special This Year PLUS 6 DIY Easter Basket Fillers

5 Ways to Make Your Easter Special This Year PLUS 6 DIY Easter Basket Fillers

It goes without saying that this is an Easter that we will never forget.  But aside from the memories of the time that we are currently living in, how do we still make this Easter an incredibly special experience?  I took a few of my favorite details from the past few Easter Celebrations and modernized them to fit our lifestyles today. 

  1. Get Dressed Up!  Go ahead and put on your Sunday best, break out the white shoes, and spring dresses.  This will help you to feel like a Million Bucks, which will make you and your family feel special.
  2. Watch an online Easter service.  If you like the tradition of taking communion, have some juice and either bread or crackers handy.  There are many different local churches that have shifted to online services, but if the church that you attend does not provide a service, it is ok to check out another church.
  3. Take your...
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Letters To My Daughter - Hope

To My Daughter,

I want to show you that I have hope, because I want you to know what it is like to have hope amidst darkness.

I want to show you that it is okay to be hopeful, and that being hopeful nearly always results in a positive outcome.  I want to show you how to hope so that you will naturally have hope as your default mode of operation, instead of worry. The past few weeks we have been in a happy little bubble of hope, and it is my goal that you will be able to look back on this time as an adult, and remember that hope, peace, faith and love were at the center of this experience. We aren’t keeping you 100% completely sheltered, you know that things are quite a bit different in our lives right now. You know that there is a virus, and we have encouraged you to ask questions. We encourage your questions, because we know that this is hard to process as an adult, and even harder to process as a 6 year old, whose life has changed so much in the past 13 days.


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