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Letters to my Daughter - Learn

To My Daughter,


I want to show you a love of learning, and to show you that I need to be with you when I am learning new things. 

I want you to see the joy that can come from uncovering new and wonderful details that can make our lives richer and more full of love.  No detail is too small to appreciate and look at more closely. So I will make sure that I am uncovering new and wonderful details in while we are together each day.

I want you to see me chase new things to learn, so that you know that learning is not just something that happens, but something that you need to pursue. I know that this may seem that my learning is taking time away from our play, but in the years to come, I know in my heart that this effort will help instill a love of learning for you too. You will learn to trust your gut on your learning path, and not just the course that is set out before you.

I want you to feel the incredible feeling of pursuit. So when you show interest in an...

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4 Wardrobe Hacks for the Stylish Homeschooler

I feel you. 

You want to break free from yoga pants and a tee and just get all dolled up for the afternoon. The warm sun basking on your face as the crisp Fall breeze passing by envelopes you. With homemade slime in your hair and yesterday’s paint project still embedded into your nails, you quickly snap back into reality.

Stopping to ask the question, ”Is this really what homeschooling is all about?”  I mean, I get it.  Pinterest has made a hard sell of freedom and glamour of what homeschooling and virtual in-home school is supposed to look like. But we aren’t pros at this….For so many of us, this is our first try.

And. It. Is. Hard. 

Taking on the education of our children, while navigating social protocols is enough to make us want to stay in pajamas all day long. 

But I’ve been listening.  You want to feel more like yourself in this season. You don’t want to lose yourself in the daily grind of Zoom,...

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