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10 Last Minute Costume Ideas for Halloween 2020 COVID


Last Minute Halloween Mask Conscious Ideas 

I get it, you have been running around trying to get everything else done this year that you forgot about your own costume for this year’s Halloween festivities. Well- We’ve got you covered on inspiration just in the nick of time.


The Mummy

The Mummy can be easily achieved with the tools in your First Aid kit.  All you need are Ace bandages….or you could even use a few rolls of toilet paper if you are in a bind.  The key is to wrap them over base layers so that you stay covered and toasty warm.  Your kids will have a blast wrapping you from head to toe!


The Ninja

Black mask-Black hoody- DONE!


The Geisha

It’s been a few years since Black Swan was released, but this is still a beautiful option for those of you who love makeup and feeling feminine. 


The High Fashion Print Model

This look can be achieved with a cowl or turtleneck. You may even have a nice dress...

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