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How To Use Planning to Relieve Overwhelm

Today I had the honor of sharing one of my passions on Indy Style (insert heart eyes emoji). 

I have always loved planning, and it has been especially useful in this season of life.  We have so many activities going on inside of our home,  it can be quite a task to orchestrate each piece. But, I find that is true with many seasons of life.

I remember the first time that I bought a paper planner.  I was in high school, and had just taken the first of many personality tests.  One of the negative traits of my personality from that specific test was that I would have many wonderful ideas, but that I would accomplish nothing, unless I began to write down the ideas and PLAN.  I read that, grabbed my keys and headed straight to the mall to pick out the perfect planner.  I used that planner for a few years, and then stumbled across all of the wonder that was the Franklin Covey planning system.  I took the course, read the books,...

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