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How To Use Planning to Relieve Overwhelm

Today I had the honor of sharing one of my passions on Indy Style (insert heart eyes emoji). 

I have always loved planning, and it has been especially useful in this season of life.  We have so many activities going on inside of our home,  it can be quite a task to orchestrate each piece. But, I find that is true with many seasons of life.

I remember the first time that I bought a paper planner.  I was in high school, and had just taken the first of many personality tests.  One of the negative traits of my personality from that specific test was that I would have many wonderful ideas, but that I would accomplish nothing, unless I began to write down the ideas and PLAN.  I read that, grabbed my keys and headed straight to the mall to pick out the perfect planner.  I used that planner for a few years, and then stumbled across all of the wonder that was the Franklin Covey planning system.  I took the course, read the books, and used that system for nearly a decade before I got into different planning companies.  I have been through quite a few companies, styles, and varieties all depending on the season of life that I was in, and what my calendar demanded of me.  Below you will find links to my current favorites, and what is working for me in this season.

I do want to ask the question.  Are you experiencing a little bit of overwhelm in this season.  When we very first start to experience overwhelm, it can be hard to decipher, because we are inside of all that needs to be accomplished. Here are some key points to look for when you are assessing where you are at with overwhelm specifically.

  • Do you feel like all of the responsibilities are yours alone?
  • Do you find it hard to remember words that usually come to your mind freely?
  • Do you keep thinking "If I just had more time."?
  • Are you experiencing agitation or moodiness?
  • Increase in anxiety
  • Negative thoughts
  • Thoughts of comparison
  • Inability to relax
  • Keeping yourself busy at all times
  • Lack of sleep
  • Lack of proper nutrition

These are some of the indicators of overwhelm, and many of them are hard to see at first.  Take a few moments and assess where you may be when it comes to overwhelm.

Below are some of the Key Points that I shared on Indy Style, and have also been sharing with friends and family that are wanting to incorporate planning in this season.  Here are some great tips to get started!

  1. Download the totally FREE document series "Overcoming Overwhelm" here.  This is a completely free resource that was created with you in mind.  In this series, I share with you the same tools that were given to me years ago when overcoming the overwhelm that came alongside my Post Traumatic Stress Disorder diagnoses.  These tools have given me back my life, and I want you to be able to become free from overwhelm too!  Double Bonus: By downloading this series you will automatically be in the running to win one of the planners or journals that Brandie Price Image is giving away!!
  2. Know Your True Priorities.  Your list of responsibilities have most likely changed over the past month.  Now is a good time to reassess what is truly your responsibility in this season, and what can be saved for a different season in time. It is ok to take items off of your plate that do not truly fit right now.  Remember to give yourself grace, and know that if you are experiencing overwhelm, you need to allow proper time to recharge!
  3. Allow yourself enough time to complete the tasks that need to be completed. Be realistic with how long it takes you and your children to get through e-learning. For some children it may be all guided on a device, and require little of your time, while other programs are far from "E" learning and are more hands on.  How much time to you need each day to complete your work from home?  You can start out with approximate times, and adjust these to get the best fit for your schedule.
  4. Start Planning.  Plug your priorities into your hourly time slots through out the day.  This will really help you visualize your days and see areas of space where you can focus on recharging, or self care.



I know Franklin Covey taught to keep everything in one planner.  While that did work for me for a very long time, I found that in times of significant overwhelm, I needed different tools.  This is an area where I learned to give myself grace.  Each year I purchase one of each, a Daily and a Weekly format, along with a planning notepad. I use each of these throughout the year alongside a Goal Planner.  Sounds like a lot of planning right?  Please know that this amount of planning is not necessary for everyone, but if planning is one of the ways you relieve stress, you may consider having 2 options.  My recommendation would be either a daily or a weekly, and a planning notepad. (You can use any plain, blank notepad!)

Here are my Current Favorites:

Weekly Simplified Planner  I LOVE the Happy Floral pattern and how this planner is truly simple.  You can see the entire week at a glance which really helps you to see where you are spending your time.  There are 2 columns for each day, one to write out your schedule, or thought of the day and one to make a to-do list.

Daily Simplified Planner  The Gold Bee pattern reminds me of some of the design work that my mom has used in the past in interior design, and I love that!  This planner is full of what the planning community calls "white space" which is a term for allowing the day to not be jam packed.  You also have 2 columns for planning. In this version you have a time map in one column, and a to-do list in the other.  You also have a notes section to make any additional notes.  Perfect for a daily gratitude, meal planning, or anything else that you would like to remember.

A Daily Note Pad- The Pad that was featured on Indy Style is from Cultivate What Matters, but is currently sold out!  I believe they will relaunch this style in May. Here is a similar variety from Erin Condren. 


If you are a more interested in reassessing your overall goals, I highly recommend 

Power Sheets!   I found the Cultivate What Matters company in late 2018, and have fallen in love with their approach to Goal Planning.  I love that anyone in any season of life can use their completely guided system to uncover what is truly important to them.  This has been a life changing tool for me, and is quite honestly the reason why you and I have connected.. I never knew how important sharing with others was to me, until I uncovered that need in the guided prep work at the beginning of the planner!  Thank You Power Sheets!

Now to see the Planners and Journals that Brandie is Giving Away!

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We have a Write the Word Journal Mommy and Me set from Cultivate What Matters. Here is a look at each of the  Mom's & Children's Journals.

Once you Download the Overcoming Overwhelm Tools Series, you will be in the running for one of these planners or journals!

Happy Planning!!





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