All About the Confidently Bracelets

4 Wardrobe Hacks for the Stylish Homeschooler

I feel you. 

You want to break free from yoga pants and a tee and just get all dolled up for the afternoon. The warm sun basking on your face as the crisp Fall breeze passing by envelopes you. With homemade slime in your hair and yesterday’s paint project still embedded into your nails, you quickly snap back into reality.

Stopping to ask the question, ”Is this really what homeschooling is all about?”  I mean, I get it.  Pinterest has made a hard sell of freedom and glamour of what homeschooling and virtual in-home school is supposed to look like. But we aren’t pros at this….For so many of us, this is our first try.

And. It. Is. Hard. 

Taking on the education of our children, while navigating social protocols is enough to make us want to stay in pajamas all day long. 

But I’ve been listening.  You want to feel more like yourself in this season. You don’t want to lose yourself in the daily grind of Zoom,...

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Top 5 Beauty Products for Fall from Award Winning Celebrity Makeup Artist

Getting your Skin Care and Makeup Routine on Point for Fall can be easy with these Top 5 Beauty Product for Fall. By focusing on products that will give you the long term benefits that you desire, you will save both time and money. Each of these products has multiple benefits and together pack a powerful beauty punch!

  1. Olay Regenerist Microsculpting Cream Face Moisturizer-Not only does this formula target 4 major skin concerns. Fine lines, dryness, uneven skin tone, and visible pores while delivering immediate and long lasting hydration. B3 works to generate fresh surface skin cells strengthening the skin’s natural moisture barrier while the Hyaluronic Acid and glycerine plump and hydrate the skin.  Available at Walmart and for under $30 AND for the month of September, Olay has a special edition camouflage-print jar version of its Micro-SculptingCream and will donate $250 for every camo jar sold on to SWAN Service Women’s Action Network...
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Why Current Trends Don't Always Work For You

I was watching clips of New York Fashion Week, and experienced a sickening in my stomach.  What my eyes kept seeing, I could not hide from.  It was a twinge of pain followed by a heavy sigh.  Shoulder Pads.  

In all fairness, I knew that they would be coming back, as styles tend to do.  But shoulder pads??  Now??  The figurative cherry on top of all of the other flavors of dread that have piled into this ice cream Sunday we call 2020, is, of course, shoulder pads.  

Now, personally, I already know to my core that shoulder pads are a bad option for my athletic build. But this feeling of dread was not due to visions of me cutting shoulder pads out of my own clothes.  Nope, I know better.  

The feeling was a cumulation of more than 2 decades of consulting experience with clients.  I have to stay ahead of the trends for my clients, they are on television, and many people see them.  And just like every other trend that flies in...

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Letters to my Daughter - Bravery

To My Daughter,

I want you to witness me being brave, so that you know how to be brave too.


And in order to do that, I must deliberately live a brave life.

I don’t want you to learn about bravery by me cheering you on from the sidelines.  I want you to see me engage in brave acts, so that you know how to fully engage in brave acts yourself. 

I want you to see me be brave for a friend who is going through treatment, so that you know what it is like to be brave for a friend too.

I want you to see me be brave for myself by continuing to take steps forward with my businesses and experience joy from the bravery that is found in standing up for those who have been broken. That being brave doesn't always mean that you win one huge victory, but that you win bit by bit every single day that you choose to take back ground for those around you.

I want you to see me deliberately choose to be brave...

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4 High Humidity Makeup Tips from Award Winning Celebrity Makeup Artist, Brandie Price

As the temps heat up here in Indianapolis, we are once again playing the battle of the sweaty eyelid.  Though many of us transitioned to more makeup free days through our first few months of quarantine, we still want to have a reliable makeup routine that sticks!  Here is a peek at my most recommended products in this season of high humidity, and a few of the products that have worked well for me!

Concern #1- The Sweaty Eyelid

You've just left one of your first social distancing encounter, and looked in the mirror of your car, only to notice that you have a glorious sweaty eyelid crease... You've got to ask yourself....was 6 feet of distance enough to ensure your friends didn't see this mishap?  Ugh!  We have all been there!

Solution-  For years, I have recommended using eye primer, even on days that you do not wish to use eye shadow.  This adds a layer between your skin and the environmental elements that come into contact with your most sensitive...

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3 Lessons We Can Learn From Daisy's Water Rescue

Crisp blue saturated the sky and warmed my legs as the mid day sun was coming to a peek. I had just turned my chair to face the water when Daisy had decided to leave her sandcastle building to splash around in the man made beach we had visited with friends that day.  I saw that Daisy wanted to get on a little raft with a few of her friends, and the raft started to drift further out.  This water was not deep, and she had not had any issues with touching the bottom, and I was confident in her years of swimming lessons...but I still kept an eye on her.

Within a minute of drifting out the small raft tipped off kilter and she was in the water with 3 of her friends. Though her friends were standing with plenty of head room above the water, Daisy was treading water and scared because she could not touch.

I jumped up and ran into the water and yelled "She can't touch!  She can't touch!"  When I saw that her friends could not hear me over their own splashing.  I...

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Why "Fake it till You Make it" is Malarkey

If you’ve been in any type of business platform or in television, chances are that you have heard a term that literally cuts me to the core every time that I hear it.  “Fake it till you make it.”

This. Is. Why. 

The term itself insinuates 1 of 2 things that you repeat over and over to yourself.

  1. That you aren’t intrinsically good enough to do something or worthy of a particular position.   Just because your goal takes hard work, dedication, and resilience does not lessen your current value.  Do the hard work, be dedicated, fight for resilience but DO NOT FAKE THESE THINGS.  When you have the internal mindset that you are faking your way into a position, your subconscious will always find a way to put you back in the place that you feel you are worth.  I want to encourage you to Be Bold In Who You Truly Are. Don’t confuse your inner worth with the outward reflection of your willingness to do the work. 
  2. That the thing...
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Letters To My Daughter - Grace

To My Daughter,

I want you to catch me deliberately showing myself grace, so that you know that it is ok and truly fruitful to show yourself grace.

It wasn't till we were in the midst of the 7th week of shutdown in a global pandemic, that I realized what level of grace I needed to model so that you could start to give yourself grace.  We show some level of grace to ourselves on a regular basis, but in the unhurried still that has become our new rhythm of life, our opportunity for grace that we can show ourselves is boundless.  I want to show you that I am willing to give myself grace for letting go of that hurried, and dominant level of expectations for myself.  

I want to show her so badly that I am capable of showing myself grace, because I know that she will need this self-awareness to harness what is truly good in her own life.  To reset my core values, and to give myself a lighter burden. It is only in this way that she will...

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When Will The Coronavirus End? and Finding Food Freedom with Ashleigh Di Lello

I’m sure you’ve asked this question. It’s on all of our minds.  Today I overheard my six year old asking Siri when the coronavirus would be over. To her disappointment, Siri didn’t have any answers! 

It’s human nature to want to control our life. It’s actually one of our most basic human needs. So when things are out of our control, we can often feel unsettled and anxious. 

Yes it’s hard to be stuck at home and not have all the wonderful people and activities that normally fill our lives, but the greater issue is that no one knows when this all ends and a sense of normalcy can return. 

Not being able to force our will upon this timetable can make us feel helpless.  This makes us seek things that give us a sense of comfort and fulfillment, and for many of us during this time, food is the easiest thing to turn to. 

Food makes us feel happy, safe, and it gives us a sense of control.  It’s also a great...

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Journaling in This Season

Wether you are new to journaling or an experienced writer this is an activity that can help you organize your thoughts and feelings right now.  If you are like me, and have several new responsibilities that have found their way to your plate, journaling can help you sort everything out.  If you notice that you are feeling a little bit of overwhelm in this season download our free resource Overcoming Overwhelm. In this series, I share with you the same tools that were given to me years ago when overcoming the overwhelm that came alongside my Post Traumatic Stress Disorder diagnoses.  These tools have given me back my life, and I want you to be able to become free from overwhelm too!  Double Bonus: By downloading this series you will automatically be in the running to win one of the planners or journals that Brandie Price Image is giving away!!


Here are a few tips to help you get started:

  1. Choose a Journal.  You can purchase a special...
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LIVE event with Brandie Price

Makeup for Communicative Value

Friday, May 21st at 2pm EDT


This is the premier, no holds back LIVE makeup training to make sure that your makeup not only looks good, but also ensures you are truly connecting with your audience.