Why "Fake it till You Make it" is Malarkey

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If you’ve been in any type of business platform or in television, chances are that you have heard a term that literally cuts me to the core every time that I hear it.  “Fake it till you make it.”

This. Is. Why. 

The term itself insinuates 1 of 2 things that you repeat over and over to yourself.

  1. That you aren’t intrinsically good enough to do something or worthy of a particular position.   Just because your goal takes hard work, dedication, and resilience does not lessen your current value.  Do the hard work, be dedicated, fight for resilience but DO NOT FAKE THESE THINGS.  When you have the internal mindset that you are faking your way into a position, your subconscious will always find a way to put you back in the place that you feel you are worth.  I want to encourage you to Be Bold In Who You Truly Are. Don’t confuse your inner worth with the outward reflection of your willingness to do the work. 
  2. That the thing you are desperately faking to do is outside of your true giftings.  This may be tough to hear.  It is possible that something that you want is not actually for you.   It is possible that it is not for you, because something much greater that utilizes your gifts and talents is for you, and you just haven’t found it yet…..Why?  possibly because you are busy faking yourself into something that was meant for someone else, instead of finding out who you truly are.  When we choose to lean into our giftings and our passions, the entire world becomes limitless.  Slow down your pace enough to realize what makes you come alive.  Allow yourself to lean into those areas, even if they aren't popular, or what your friends are doing. 


Who Are You?

Do. The. Work.

Step in to your POWER.

Parting Journal Prompts

I feel the most alive when I......

What can I do today to lean into what makes me come alive?


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