Letters to My Daughter - Celebrate

celebrate celebration letter letters to my daughter modeled behavior next generation Dec 24, 2020

To My Daughter,


I want to show you a spirit of celebration, and to show you that I need to harness the spirit of celebrating myself.

Sweet Girl, I want you to know that celebrating is not just reserved for birthdays and holidays. In fact, every day that we wake up is cause for a celebration in and of its self.

To show you this, I must be careful in my actions. I don't want you to see me working hard, all of the time with no pause for celebration of accomplishments. Personally, I know that this has been a hard area to model a best practice behavior. Over the past year, you have seen me jump from one task to another seamlessly for months on end. Yes the to-do lists get done, but with each accomplishment, we have taken little time to celebrate.

I want you to know how to live free from the incesent need to accomplish. I want you to know that my love for you, is not based in your accomplishments. To show you that, I need to slow down and recognize my own faults in this area and break free from that burning need for accomplishment myself. I can not do this if I don't recognize that my actions have an impact on how you will view life in respect to accomplishment and celebration.

I need you to know that celebrating is just as much a part of this life as getting things done. Nope scratch that'd, celebrating should account for more of life than tasks. Tasks create things, but celebration creates joy.

I want to show you the joy of celebration. It's something that you innately know in your being, and I want to encourage that need for celebration over the need for accomplishment. 

Even though my logical mind tells me that accomplishment is key to the ability to celebrate, I will allow my heart to speak more.  When my brain tells me that I need to finish something before I can celebrate with you, I will choose to celebrate with you first. Knowing that a small celebration is most likely the fuel that I need to accomplish anything.

Your smile, your laugh, your 2 loose teeth right in the front are exactly what I need. These are far greater joy and reason to celebrate, than doing the dishes, checking the lists, and folding the laundry. 

I chose Celebrate to be my word of the year for 2021. May I always keep it at the forefront of my mind, and choose to pause in the moment to celebrate with you sweet girl.



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