Pro Tips to Jumpstart Your Winter Skin Care Routine

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It is so easy to get wrapped up in all of the to-do's this time of year that taking care of ourselves can sometimes take a back seat to all of the pressing to-do's. This holiday season will undoubtedly be a little more stressful than usual, but let's make sure that stress doesn't result in too much undue stress on our largest organ!

Protecting our skin during the winter months can seem like a daunting and never ending cycle...But that's really only an issue if we don't get a head start when the temps begin to cool.  Well friends, we are there! 

To help give you a jump start on heading off the Winter Skin Blues we are going to help you protect your skin’s hydration and natural moisture barriers with a few products and a few of my favorite pro tips today.


Pro Tip 01 - Hydrate Your Whole Body 

This seems easy, but can be easily forgotten. Maintaining hydrated skin really begins from within. In short, if you aren't drinking at least half of your body weight in ounces of water each day, you are setting your whole system up for dehydration. This tip is imperative for keeping your skin hydrated intrinsically, and keeping stress off of other bodily systems.  


Pro Tip 02 - Turn the Heat Down

This is a super easy tip that I learned years ago when I started traveling for work in different climates. If you typically take really hot showers, this can be a real skin saver in the cold months ahead! Turn the heat DOWN on your daily shower routine. This can help your skin retain some of it’s natural moisture, instead of it all evaporating away while you are in the shower. 


Pro Tip 03 - Exfoliate

Don't forget to exfoliate. Many times once our skin starts to get a little dry, we toss out exfoliating all together. It's important that you get back into the regimen of exfoliating at least once a week. Swapping out your salt scrub for a sugar scrub will help you slough away dead skin cells and give your skin a chance to take in the moisture from your lotion. My Current Favorite is the Silky Milky Sugar Scrub by Love Your Journey Doula Services. This scrub can be purchased in a pamper kit at


Pro Tip 04 - Blot Dry and Moisturize 

Once you are out of the shower use a towel to blot most of the water off, not all of it. Don't rub or grind the towel into your skin- this can cause damage to the surface cells and overly dry them.  Applying your skin lotion or moisturizer while you are still a little damp will also allow moisture to be retained in your skin.


Pro Tip 05 - All Day Moisture for Your Face is Imperative

Protect your face with a 24 hour hydrating moisturizer like the new Olay Regenerist Retinol24 Max Night Face Moisturizer. This Night time wonder is packed with Retinol24’s maximum concentration of retinol to leave your skin feeling hydrated and replenished. A combination of Vitamin B3 plus Olay’s most transformative Retinoid Complex delivers 24 Hour Hydration and 24 Hour Potency (it’s active on the skin for 24 hours). With this moisturizer you can literally wake up brighter and smoother every morning. It is also fragrance free which is wonderful for those of us that have irritation with fragrances.  It's available for under $35 and can be purchased at or check your local retailer for curbside pickup. 


Pro Tip 06 - Healthy Hands

Time to add your favorite hand cream to your Target Pick up Order. Make sure that you have one by each sink, ready to apply directly after hand washing. Grab a travel size to put in your purse or car after using sanitizer this year. You want to get ahead of this on your hands for sure! Just a little preplanning can save you from cracked and bleeding fingers all season long.

*If your hands have already gone too far into dryness, check out this  Heal Cracked Hands Fast video we made for a treatment option.


Pro Tip 07 - Don't Forget Your Feet

Our feet might not be hiding in boots near as much this year, but wearing heavy socks and slippers can still dry your skin out quite a bit. Try using a petroleum based product like Eucerine as a nightly foot mask. Once your feet have been cleaned, massage a generous amount into both the tops and bottoms of your feet.  You can either elevate your feet while the cream soaks in, or place a clean white pair of socks on top during your nighttime skin care routine. This cream is available at your local drugstore and great for a myriad of dry skin concerns.

We want to see you taking care of your skin this season! Tag us on instagram @brandiepriceimage 


Brandie Price is an Award Winning Celebrity Makeup Artist and On-Camera Image Consultant. You can find more at


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