How To Plan Outfits For Family Pictures

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How to Plan Outfits for Family Pictures

My favorite thing about Fall style is texture. Give me an oversized chunky fisherman's knit sweater, and I am in total bliss. I love walking into Madewell or Anthropologie and seeing all of the stacks of glory in the form of cable knits and eyelash softness. If you need me, I'll be in the dressing room breathing in the soft Volcano scent while determining just how oversized I want my new favorite sweater to fit in our Fall Mini Sesh with Shutter Up Buttercup Indy.

If you are in the Indy area and haven't met this best friend photog duo yet, I think it is time!  Donna has been our resident mom photographer for candid moments of our daughter and her school besties for years. Jess has an eye for color that she has used in home design that transfers beautifully to photography. Together, they can help you plan the perfect family photo experience.

But for those of you that may not have access to a skilled team, I don't want to leave you frustrated and wishing you had an expert to help you choose the best outfit combos for your Fall family pics.

 To help get you started planning outfits, I have pulled 3 of my best television industry secrets. This is experienced insider information, that you can effortlessly  apply to make sure your photos are Holiday card ready!  

Industry Secret #1- Consider Your Background

The background is simply that, a background. While it is important to choose a great location, this will add color and depth to the overall feel of the photos.  Does your chosen location include warm Fall coloring, or will the trees still have quite a bit of green in them?  This will help you determine a color palette that won't disappoint, rather than blending into or being over-shadowed by the background.  Your family should be the only thing shining in this moment, so make sure we can see everyone!  I love the use of neutrals on this image. See how the cream really pops off of the primarily green background?



Industry Secret #2- Picking a Color Palette.

Behind the scenes we call this a color loop. Think of it as a circle that needs to be connected. If one color is present in your color loop, then it needs to be present in an additional location to balance out the photo. See how the little girl's top has a nice pop of color, that is also present in her big brother’s plaid shirt. The idea is that you don’t want any outlying colors, this will draw the eye around the photo, allowing the viewer to see your entire family, instead of being drawn to one item that is out of place. So connect that loop, but don't overthink the details. If mom is wearing a floral dress, like in this photo, just focus on the main color.


Industry Secret #3- Capture the Moment

Imagine you are 20 years older and looking through a book of family photos. When you get to your Fall 2020 photos, what do you want to remember most about your family in this season? Do you want to remember that your son's favorite color is blue? Do you want to look a the photo and feel the moment as though you were still living in it? What textures and patterns will help you capture that feeling? Florals will help you remember a nurturing spirit, while bold colors will help you remember your son's love of adventure. Neutrals will help you bring back moments of peace among the chaos of a busy season of life.


Brandie Price is an Award Winning Celebrity Makeup Artist and On-Camera Image Consultant. To get more on-camera confidence tips, download my 21 Days Checklist to On-Camera Confidence here 

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