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Let's Take a Time Out


Let’s take a time out all ready.  Who needs a time out?  We all do.  We need a time out from body and facial negative words. We need a time out from that voice inside that tells us that we aren’t good enough in some way, shape or form because of how we look. We need a time out, but how do we get one?

This process, the one to becoming more body positive is not an easy one when you are standing at the foot of the mountain peering up into the clouds to see the snow capped top.  We weren’t taught these things, and even if we were taught them as children how much of a push from society would it have taken to roll right back down that mountain side?  How old are you now?  Chances are that it took you precisely that long to get you to exactly where you are right now. No matter your age, or your journey it will not take as long to be at a place where these items no longer vex you. So where are you on your journey with body image and facial relation? Are you ready to learn tip number one? Are you ready to learn how to take a time out?

Learning to take a Time Out

Something led you here to this small space in the vastness of the internet.  Maybe you have struggled with body image, maybe you haven’t. I place no judgement on you for stopping by either way.  If you are currently struggling, you are not alone. I am right here with you.  So here we are, just you and I.  I am going to approach this as if I were meeting with you in person, and we are going to take the beginning part of this journey together.  It’s just you and me at the base of your mountain of guilt, shame, unworthiness, and condemnation.  Having a negative body image or disconnected facial relation has a way of making you feel these things. I want so badly to just give you a time out from these feelings, but I do not have a magic wand to make that happen. 

Before we take that time out I would love if you would find a notebook and a pen.  This probably won’t be the only time that we meet like this so you may want to keep all of your notes together.

Are you ready for that Time Out now? Let’s get it

First Step to a Successful Time Out

Start to police your words.  Yes, all of them.  Those you dare to utter out loud and those horrible things that you tell yourself on a daily basis. Full while knowing that if someone spoke to your mother or your child that way, you would consider pulling out your best moves from last week’s kickboxing class on them. He never saw that cross kick coming did he? When it comes to healing body image and facial relation, you are only accountable to yourself.  The words that you use to describe yourself matter. From the moment you stop reading this post till we meet again next Thursday I want you to write down everything negative you say out loud to yourself in one section of your notebook, and in another area write down everything that you say to yourself inside your own mind.  We are going to combat these 2 monsters head on - and differently, because they come from different sources. 

Last week we opened this conversation, so let’s keep it open. What words do you use? If you have been bogged down with negative self talk for years, it can be hard to pick them out individually. If you need help with determining whether a word is body or facial negative, consult the list below. Just making this short list was exhausting, by the way! Aren’t you tried of it? Catch yourself this week when you use these words and give yourself a Time Out for Pete’s Sake!!

Only you are in control of giving yourself a Time Out!  


Do you use these words? Do you use others, maybe some that should never appear in a blog?









Problem Areas

















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