Healed, Healthy, Whole

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Healed, Healthy, Whole

So here we are again, just you and I on a personal journey to healing.  There may be thousands of other women and men that are getting stronger through this process, but your journey is about you.  How do you feel after the first week of really getting to know yourself?  It’s amazing that when we start on the journey to heal poor facial relation, that other areas of our hearts also start to soften and heal.  I know that you are most likely still feeling a little uncomfortable while getting to know all of the intricacies of your facial features in the mirror.  The most uncomfortable part has hopefully passed and you are starting to develop a deep appreciation for your features.  I am proud of you on so many levels.  This is not an easy journey and it will take more time to heal. Below you will find 4 other tools that helped me tremendously, that I still use with clients each and every week.  I have worked with thousands of people, and have yet to find someone that isn’t beautiful. That should give you some assurance and confirmation that you have a beauty worth loving.


Making Up

Did you find that you often caught yourself thinking negatively about your face this week?  That you weren’t good enough?  That the time that it took would somehow prove fruitless?  That you would remain feeling imperfect and distorted?  Let’s take a look at that relationship for a moment.  Have you ever had a relationship with a friend that didn’t go the way that you thought it would?  Maybe you had a fight, or maybe you found out that you were being deceived, or betrayed?  Maybe that friend just stopped returning your calls?  How many nights did you lose sleep over that friendship?  How bad did the end of that relationship hurt?  Have you ever tried to mend a broken friendship?  It takes a great deal of time, energy,  and an honest effort on both parties to make that friendship come back to life.  That is exactly what needs to happen to mend your poor facial relation.  The relationship that you have with your face is no different.  Except the obvious fact that your face will never leave you, no matter how mean you are to it.  

The next time that you are in front of the mirror, the very first thing that you need to do, is to look yourself in the eyes and tell yourself that you are sorry for the way that you have been treating your face.  “I am sorry that I thought that you were ugly.”  “I am sorry that I thought that you were unrecognizable.” “I am sorry that I wished that you had a different nose.”  “I am sorry that I thought that you were the wrong color, had the wrong background, had the wrong heritage.”  “I am sorry that I didn’t take care of you, that I left you out, that I didn’t pay enough attention to what your needs were.” “I am sorry that I didn’t stand up for you, I didn’t know that I could.”  Tell yourself that you are sorry, for whatever it is that led you to the broken relationship. Only you know the issues that you have experienced with your face. Make up with your face.  Tell yourself the truth.  Be bold, and say everything necessary to gain that trust and that relationship back.  Tell yourself how wonderful and how beautiful you truly are. No one has features quite like you. This will start out difficultly, but you will feel so liberated once you are done with your box of tissues.  There will be tears, but each and every one will be so worth it.  You are making up with a long lost friend, and welcoming them back with opened arms.  You may need to do this more than once, just like you would to heal a broken friendship.


Love Letters

Grab a pad of sticky notes, and let’s get to writing.  Every time you notice something beautiful about your face while you are looking in the mirror, write it down on a sticky note and place it on your mirror.  Remind yourself of your own beauty often.  You may even want a few of these in your car. After a long day’s work wouldn’t it be nice to get in your car and see a note that says “You are truly captivating!”  Remember that you are healing brokenness through this process.  Being optimistically honest with yourself will shift the paradigm that you are trying to break through.  Heal the wounds of your past, that were never meant to be yours to carry.


Strengthening the Relationship

How did your makeup application go over the last week?  Did you find a makeup routine that you enjoy?  How was the environment that you apply your makeup?  Was there a lot of hustle and bustle, or did you get up a little earlier to make sure that you had a few moments to yourself?  Mending a relationship requires a healthy, positive, and safe environment. Do you usually apply your makeup in silence, or with a little bit of music?  That is actually our next tip for today.  Find a song, or make a playlist that includes songs with the word beautiful in them.  There are literally thousands of songs to choose from.  A few of my favorites are on the more soulful side of music, but you can literally pick any song from any genre. As long as it is music that you like, and words that you feel connected too, you will start to see some positive movement in the way that you see yourself.  Take time to hum or even sing along in your head while you are applying your makeup.  You could even sing out loud, unless of course you are putting mascara on……Why on earth do we have to hold our mouths so silly when we apply mascara?  I even catch myself doing that when I am applying makeup on clients, from time to time.


Positive Meditation

Spending time in positive meditation or prayer can help you with solidifying a mended relationship with your facial features.  Meditate on positive words for a positive outcome. Pray positive scriptures over yourself.  What ever you can do to still your mind, and hold your rambling negative thoughts captive.  Remove them one by one, and be still. Be reflective.  Practice forgiveness.

Thank you for joining along in healing.  I know that you can overcome poor facial relation.  Not only have I healed my poor facial relation, I have considered it an honor to help thousands over the years.  Thank you for trusting in me to help you too!




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