Midlife Makeup Techniques

makeup makeup techniques midlife makeup techniques self care Nov 14, 2019

As we start to loose a little elasticity in our skin we find that our same old makeup routine, just doesn’t do the job like it once did.  Here are a few Do’s and Don’ts that can help you freshen up your look!

DO choose a liquid foundation over a powder or mineral based foundation.  I know this may sound counterintuitive, but a lighter weight liquid foundation has less tendency to settle in to fine lines and wrinkles than a powder.  Choosing something lightweight and really sheering out the foundation in the areas with the fine lines is the key.  Many liquid foundations have great skin care components, and can really help in combating additional aging. Choose one that has a complimentary texture for your skin.  If you have more dry skin, choose a foundation that has a richer texture.  If you find your skin to be more oily, choose a foundation that has a lighter texture.

DON’T pull and stretch the skin around your eye area!  Using the proper brushes and proper brush techniques can alleviate some of the damage that you may be seeing around your eyes.  It can even help with preventing future damage.  This goes for eyeliner and eyeshadow applications alike.  If you have a hooded eye or are experiencing loss eyelid overhang, use a fluffier brush and let that brush do the work for you.

DO get used to using a little eye cream in your concealer.  This will help add nourishment to the skin around your eyes AND help change the viscosity of your concealer, helping it to smooth and conceal.  You can also use this technique with other fine lines and wrinkles. Try a little in your “11”, on your forehead and around your lips.  This will give you a little extra care in the areas you feel you need it most.

DON’T use “light blurring” products.  These are usually marketed towards those starting to see the signs of aging in their skin.  Unfortunately many of the ingredients are also heavier chemically speaking and find their way to settle into lines and pores over the day.  You may start out looking pretty fresh, but you end up with somewhat sparkly lines around lunch time.  *Adding more product will not fix this!

DO use primarily matte eyeshadows.  You can use eyeshadows with a little bit of shimmer on the eyelid only, but using matte colors will help keep product from building up, and “spreading” It is better to invest in a nice palette that has a more firm shadow texture.  Softer shadows tend to powder off easily leaving you with an under eye mess. You can also use eye primer to hold shadows in place for a longer duration.

DON’T forget your lips!  Many ladies stop using lip products when they start to have fine lines around the mouth.  If you are afraid to have a runny lip, use a lipliner, and don’t forget to fill in your lips with the liner.  Then choose an emollient rich product that will help keep your lips in tip top shape! You can also use many eye creams/ lip primers to help fade or heal those lines.


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