Strong, Beautiful, and Worthy

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Strong, Beautiful and Worthy

Have you ever been so passionate about something that it hurt? Like it physically hurt every time that you talked about it. Like there was so much passion bubbling up inside that your passion alone could complete its own marathon? Like nothing could stop you from sharing that one thing with others. Like, everyone…or at least anyone who would listen? Do you know that level of passion. Do you know that level of drive?

I have been at this for so long, that you would think that this overflow of passion would somehow dry up, or fade away, or in some way be squelched by the trials that life has brought me. It hasn’t. In fact, it has only gotten stronger, more vibrant, and more intense as time goes on. I don’t know if it has anything to do with the process of getting older or with the fact that I have survived 2 significant illnesses over the past 7 years and a myriad of other potentially life controlling issues. Perhaps that has given me a perspective sense of urgency as of late? Maybe I have gained clarity about the magnitude of my purpose? Or maybe I have been able to put aside something that once controlled a portion of my daily actions to allow me the capacity to help more individuals that struggle with the same issues.

Looking at the opening picture you may think, “Wow! where is the professional conversational shot?” or “Awe isn’t that cute?” No matter what thoughts may be running around in your mind know that at the moment I saw this drawing by my daughter, that passion made me drop to my knees. I wasn’t home, I wasn’t in my truck, I was in the middle of pick up in my daughter’s school with a significant amount of people that I’d never really met awaiting the release of our new Kindergartners. There was a white class binder sticking out of my daughter’s backpack when I arrived that was supposed to go home with us for the evening. I decided to take a quick peek inside the binder, thinking it was homework. What I found inside was a picture to show how each Kindergartner had gotten ready for school that morning. When I got to Daisy’s portrait, I read it and immediately dropped to the floor eyes welling with joyful tears. I was brought to my knees crushed with complete gratitude. She knows the truth and now may not have to struggle like so many others, based on a small practice that we do each morning. It truth, we had only started this practice a few short weeks before her first day of school. In truth, we have missed a few days with rushed mornings. But also in truth, as I sat there and read it again my daughter and her teacher came out to tell me about the take-home binder. Daisy was as happy as could be, and her new teacher thanked me for teaching her this, and let me know that she herself, had tears in her eyes when she saw Daisy’s drawing. This is what our children need.

“I got ready for school and when I looked in the mirror I said, I am strong, I am beautiful, and I am worthy.” I am proud to give this to her every day, along with so many other small practices that help to harness good characteristics and wholeness. She now knows these things at the core of her being. She knows she is strong when she completes a pool length of backstrokes while at swim practice. She knows she is beautiful beyond measure when she looks herself in the eyes in the mirror. She knows that she is worthy of love, friendship, and protection. Do you want to give those things to your children too? It all starts with the mirror.

In my work, I am frequently helping individuals get used to looking at themselves in the mirror. I know what you are thinking, “Get used to myself? I look at myself in the mirror all the time.” Oh, I know you look, but do you actually see yourself? Do you see yourself? What do I mean by that? Do you see yourself as your children see you, or do you see yourself in a warped sense of what you think the world wants you to be? Do you see yourself based on the world’s expectations? There are so many types of disconnect that hinder an individual’s ability to actually see themselves in the mirror instead of an unmet expectation of what they should be, or how they should look. That is why we need to start as young as possible to intercede unhealthy expectations. It is going to be okay if we all look different from one another. You can start as soon as your toddler can stand in front of the mirror. You should say the affirmations alongside of them, because you need to hear them too. If your children are older start now. It is something that is so easy to begin and stick to while making a investment in the people that you love the most. I am not going to lie, the first week may be a little awkward for each of you.

What you decide to say in front of the mirror looking back at yourself can be determined solely by you, or you can involve your children in the development process. This can be a great conversation starter to see where your children are at with confidence and an overall sense of worth. Ask them what they struggle with, and be open with them about some of your struggles. They need to know that they are not alone. Help the older children to pick a positive, yet combative word that can counteract. Pick a word that is truthful. Choose the word based on how you see them. When children are younger, you may start by picking words that you wished you had heard more often growing up. That is how I picked the words we say. I had been using mirror affirmations for years, but they were all based around my ability to help other people, they weren’t directed at myself. Though those were effective for building my businesses, they didn’t impact my spirit like those 3 simple words. For starters, choose 2-4 words that you know will make an impact in your life, and your children’s lives. Write them in first person. “I am__________! “ I strongly recommend worthy to be one of your words. My generation certainly struggles with the concept of worthiness or being enough, and I know it won’t get any better until we all take a stand. Take complete ownership of each of those words as you look yourself in the eyes in the mirror. In the eyes? Yes…..In the eyes. Own it for yourself, and help the next generation own it for themselves.

Say your mirror affirmations Daily! Every day, preferably in the morning to help start the day off on the right foot! I would love to hear the mirror affirmations that you come up with check in with me on Instagram or Facebook. Let’s get as many affirmations out on the web as we can. Flood this space with positivity!


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