What Your Tuck Says About You

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What Your Tuck Says About You

Have you ever had one of those mornings? You know the kind. You wake up, get your workout in and before you even step foot in the shower your wheels are already turning thinking about what you are going to wear that day. Wether you have a big interview, are meeting with clients, or spending the day raising tiny humans you want to make sure that your voice is heard. We hope that our clothing choices are sending the messages that we want to convey. We want our bosses to know that we are confident, our family to know that we are committed to loving them, and our friends to know that we are ready for the next adventure. Our clothing can be precursor to how our conversations develop each day. Did you know that something as simple as the way that you choose to tuck your top into your jeans can send a message to your friend Sally before she even catches the first smile you send her direction? It may be purely subliminal but here are a few rules that I have relied on for years for styling those who are on television and in film. Setting the appropriate mood pre convo has a lot to do with body language, tone, and yes….the way you tuck your shirt in. If it works well for the big screen, we know it translates to real life seamlessly. Here are a few tips to consider while perfecting your tuck style as you go on about your day and what that tuck says about you.

The Full Tuck-

The fully tucked lady is ready for business. She is ready to efficiently navigate through traffic, conduct a presentation, pick up the kids from school and have dinner on the table before anyone even noticed the slightest tinge of hunger. She’s ready. She is ALWAYS ready to get done what ever needs done when it needs done. This is a great characteristic to have, and can look oh so chic and put together. On the other side of all of this super efficiency rests a day planner, a well packed diaper bag, and perfectly organized dresser drawers. When you are meeting your BFF for lunch and catch a glance of her closing her car door you can see from a mile away that she is a full tucked lady. You know that she probably won’t have time to linger, because she has other places to be. She has commitments to keep.

The Half Tuck-

The half tucked woman is trendily non committal. She could go either way. She likes adventure and can easily sway a group of friends to go directly to her house to binge watch her latest obsession. If she were starring in a film, she would be the likable girl next door that everyone loves to spend time with. She’s always there for her family in the most meaningful ways. She takes her time making sure that she connects with each of her friends on a regular basis. Relationships are important to her. She may keep a planner, but everything is written in pencil. Not because she is always looking for something better to do, but because she is constantly looking for ways that she can fill the gap. When meeting up with your half tucked buddy, you know that a meaningful conversation will be had.

The Full on Untuck-

The full on untucked gal is ready to relax and soak in the glory of the day. Her work is done, and it is time to unplug from the stress of the day. She may still be at work but she is fully clocked out of the drama that is mere 3 cubicles away from her. Because she is more of a free spirit she choses not to be bogged down by restrictions, even in her wardrobe. She appears calm, cool and collected for being somewhat undone. She doesn’t keep a planner, but relies solely on the calendar and reminders on her phone to make sure that she is on time and remembers to pick up her dog from the groomer. When you see your untucked friend from a distance, you know that she’d rather be lounging poolside than meeting up for sushi.


What does your tuck say about you today? What would you like it to say? The next time you sit down to watch your favorite show, watch for the cues.


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